Hey, I’m Kuanysh. I’m a full-stack indie developer and Xevol is an entity I use to publish my work.

A year ago I decided to build out my ideas. “It’s going to be easy”, I thought at the time. “I’m a cool-ass developer, this shit’s easy-peasy”.

Hot news, It’s fucking not.

Turns out there are many nuances on launching business, especially those that are online. I’m not the first to go through these hurdles and I’m definitely not the last.

As with almost everything in life, someone smart already went through it and came up with the following principles that almost all developers know:

  • DRY – Don't Repeat Yourself.
  • KISS – Keep it simple, Stupid!.

Do not to complicate programs by adding new features” by cool-ass bearded guy out of late 70s is up there too (UNIX Philosophy).

After all, there’s only one way to build anything complex – not to build it at all but rather stick to building several small and manageable solutions with limited responsibility.

Now, after humbling myself I decided to not to play myself anymore. From now on things are dead-simple:

If it’s not describable in one sentence I don’t do it.

This constraint’s already made me feel at ease. I think can finally ship stuff.


Products I’m working on the following few months

So I laid out a few ideas and made some basic pages. The next few months I’ll be testing the waters and developing the following:

Custom Interfaces – easy-to-follow guides on creating stuff online the way pros do with the industry-standard tools.

MVP for MVP – productized services from MVPs who can move the needle for your MVP.

BusyCV – top-tier players of your industry review your CV, portfolio or a website for a fixed price.

by Kuanysh at Xevol.

© 2018