Introducing Xevol

Structure your knowledge.
Make books.

A note-taking tool for makers.

Create books, courses, and tutorials from your notes

Using a note-taking tool for thinking and publishing products.

Publish Your Knowledge

As websites, books, courses or even dashboards

Link Anything

Jump between contexts, notes, pages


Your data is updated everywhere.

Hierarchy + Nesting

Nest pages in pages.

Monetize Your Knowledge

Via memberships and one-time payments

Coming soon
Knowledge Graph

Visualize your thoughts as a graph

Coming soon

Fast. Reliable. Customizable.

Real-time Sync

Sync your sessions in real-time.


Make changes without Internet access.

WYSIWYG + Markdown

Get the job done but keep things simple.


Light, dark and custom themes.

End-to-end Encryption

Privacy comes first.

Coming soon
Minimal + Responsive UI

Make it work for you on any screen.

Coming soon

Built-in Monetization

One-time purchases, memberships. Granular access to your work.

Sell to anyone. Anywhere.

We support 149 currencies.

Coming soon
Payment methods

VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and others.

Coming soon
One-time purchases

Sell digital products and services.

Coming soon
Own your branding

It’s your canvas. No odd UI elements.

Recurring Payments

Charge for subscriptions, memberships.

Coming soon

Publishing & Export

Your own domain

Publish on your own domain.

PDF, Epub, Mobi

Export to consumer-ready formats.

No lock-in

Backup using a plain text file or JSON.

Coming soon
Supports your customer’s language

Four languages and counting.

Coming soon
Works on every screen size

From handheld devices to TVs.

Coming soon