Introducing Xevol

Structure your knowledge.
Make books.

A note-taking tool for makers.

Create books, courses, and tutorials from your notes

Using a note-taking tool for thinking and publishing products.

Publish Your Knowledge

As websites, books, courses or even dashboards

Link Anything

Jump between contexts, notes, pages


Your data is updated everywhere.

Hierarchy + Nesting

Nest pages in pages.

Monetize Your Knowledge

Via memberships and one-time payments

Coming soon
Knowledge Graph

Visualize your thoughts as a graph

Coming soon

Fast. Reliable. Customizable.

Real-time Sync

Sync your sessions in real-time.


Make changes without Internet access.

WYSIWYG + Markdown

Get the job done but keep things simple.


Light, dark and custom themes.

End-to-end Encryption

Privacy comes first.

Minimal + Responsive UI

Make it work for you on any screen.

Built-in Monetization

One-time purchases, memberships. Granular access to your work.

Sell to anyone. Anywhere.

We support 149 currencies.

Payment methods

VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and others.

One-time purchases

Sell digital products and services.

Own your branding

It’s your canvas. No odd UI elements.

Recurring Payments

Charge for subscriptions, memberships.

Coming soon

Publishing & Export

Your own domain

Publish on your own domain.

PDF, Epub, Mobi

Export to consumer-ready formats.

No lock-in

Backup using a plain text file or JSON.

Coming soon
Supports your customer’s language

Four languages and counting.

Coming soon
Works on every screen size

From handheld devices to TVs.

Coming soon

Xevol Early Access

Manage, package and monetize your knowledge.