September 28, 2021

Apple Silicon, Purchases & Performance

Xevol keeps getting better.

🥳 New

  • Apple Silicon support
  • Replacing LevelDB with SQLite on the desktop (many pros but it’s noticeably faster)
  • Integrated files upload and offerings into structs
  • Performance improvements

🛠 Fixes

Editor received bugfixes and lots of dependencies were updated to provide better performance and less CPU consumption.

🧙 Coming up next

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) updates
  • Full offline support
September 22, 2021

Editor & UX Improvements

A much more stable build. I keep revising and improving the UI.

🥳 New

  • Copy & paste (plain Text & HTML)
  • Markdown export
  • Editor customization menus
  • Grid/Column layouts switch

🛠 Fixes

Editor received lots of bugfixes and is now much more stable overall.

  • Entity transforms
  • Inline blocks
  • Drag-n-drop

🔬 Research

  • Reactive embeds
September 14, 2021

Stable release

Functional build.

Closed beta ready.

September 5, 2021

Initial release

Initial build. Getting ready for continuous builds.