Jobs at Xevol

We’re always looking for independent contractors who are ready to be obligated to a long-term collaboration. We look for self-driven and autonomous professionals. Those who are interested and enthusiastic about arts, technology, and systems.

It doesn’t matter if you have a degree or any commercial experience. We focus on your qualities as a person and willpower to learn. We don’t care about your education, sex, race, country, timezone.

If you can read this description, be available through IM and drive value to the bottomline you’re golden.

One caveat, you must be able to communicate via written form. That’s the most important part. The goal is to demonstrate your ability to think about systems in context of problems, solutions and know-how, be it a code, design or commerce.

Tech:  ops,aws,.sql,.gql,.js

Let us know why you’re the best candidate.